Kotcher Communications, Inc.



About Us

Our Experience

computer repair, network management, IT service, IT consultation, servers

After 30 years in the IT industry, our goal is to share our knowledge and experience to help others 

overcome the issues that keep them from accomplishing their computing goals - whether immediate or long-term. 

We provide Virus and Malware removal and can repair the damage caused to your computer or Network.  

As Computer Consultants, we will provide clear and concise suggestions of how we can solve these issues. 

We can provide Anti-Malware Virus Protection, Hard Drives, RAM Memory or Back-Up Program assistance. 

You know up front what you can expect before we begin work. Our professional team can provide:

  • On-site Service and Repair
  • Network Management and Integrity
  • Information Technology Analysis and Design
  • End-to-end integration
  • Ongoing Continuous Maintenance & Support

Our Approach

computer assistance, skilled computer technicians

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify the issues you are experiencing and a diagnosis of what will be involved in getting everything back into working order. And we come to you! 

Everyone needs support, connectivity, and security. Call us today.

About the Owner

computer, servers, 1U, 2U, 4U, HP, Intel

Joe Kotcher began his career setting up Combat Field Communications while serving in the US Air Force. Utilizing his veteran Military experience, Joe's goal as a computer consultant has always been to provide businesses and individuals with the best and latest in managed services and IT Consulting technology.